When it comes to finding the right home or investment loan, it is vital to ask the right questions. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help answer your enquiries. If your question is not listed below, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Why shouldn't I just get a loan from my bank?

    Each bank has a different policy your individual situation may not fit your current banks lending criteria.

  2. Why use a mortgage broker instead of a bank?

    There are literally thousands of home loan products provided by hundreds of different lenders. Do you have the time or the patience to review every one? At SmartChoice Mortgage Brokers we can take the hassle from you by comparing rates, features and conditions of each loan product.

  3. Why would I want to refinance?

    There are many reasons people decide to refinance their current home loans. You may want to refinance your loan if you:
    • Have multiple debts or loans, as you can consolidate these debts and make one easy payment at home loan rates.
    • Want to buy an investment property but your current financial institution cannot help you.
    • Want to top-up an existing home loan to make another large purchase such as a new car or personal investment.
    • Are dissatisfied with the service at your current financial institution and would prefer one with higher quality customer service.
    • Have just come out of a fixed home loan and want comparisons for multiple home loan rates and features.
    • Are not happy with your current interest rate, structure or ongoing fees and wish to explore other options.

  4. How can I calculate my borrowing capacity and potential loan repayments?

    At SmartChoice Mortgage Brokers, we have made calculating your loan as easy as possible. Have a look at our mortgage calculator for a rough estimate of your borrowing capacity or apply now for accurate advice on your options.

  5. Is the government still providing the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG)?

    Yes, the government is still currently providing this grant for first homeowners. If you are purchasing or building a new home, you may be entitled to this grant. Australian Citizens and permanent residents are eligible and conditions apply. For further information visit www.firsthome.gov.au or simply contact us.

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